Updating Shipping Addresses for KickStarter Backers

Changing Your Address in Kickstarter

If your shipping address changes or has changed, here are the steps to update your address in Kickstarter. (Note: you cannot change your address on a mobile device.)

  • Log into your Kickstarter account
  • Navigate to the BibIiotheca campaign page (follow this link)
  • Scroll down to your selected reward (highlighted green)
  • Click on the link “Your response”
  • Select “Edit address”

Or, alternatively:

  • Log into your Kickstarter account 
  • Click on the Profile Setting drop-down in upper right-hand corner 
  • Under “My Stuff,” select “Backed Projects” 
  • Select “Bibliotheca” from the “Projects I backed” list 
  • Click the middle “Survey” tab 
  • Select “Edit address”

Please note, if there are any additional shipping costs due to address changes you will receive a PayPal receipt or payment instructions via email prior to shipment.  This primarily applies if your shipping address was within the USA & becomes an International address, etc..

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